Monday, August 6, 2012

Introduction to an Art Fiend

Alrighty guys. Hey, hello and all of that.

I thought it high time I get around to making one of these. It seems to be the "in thing" with art types these days. (I already keep an art tumblr blog, but that's more of an art dump rather than art blog>>>

Anyway, to keep things short and sweet.
My name is Craig. I'm an environment artist, both 2D and 3D. My main focuss is on creating 3D art assets for video game environments. I also have a strong love of rad 2D art, so I constantly try my best to improve those 2D skills, to use for creating concept art that I can use in 3D projects.

I'll keep this up to date as regular as I can with work and studies I produce, as well as my thoughts and experiences from time to time.

Let this be the beginning of a beautiful journey with all of you fancy folk.


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